Car Transport Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Auto Shipping Process work?

After you place a car transport order with us, we then arrange for a qualified, licensed and insured auto transporter to ship your car from its current location to the requested destination. At Nationwide Auto Transport, we do not collect upfront deposits; if we do not ship your car, you do not pay. Once we have made car transport arrangements with a driver, Nationwide will contact you. We will review the proposed pick up and delivery dates at this time. If the customer approves the dates, the driver is assigned to the vehicle. Nationwide will then collect a deposit from you in order to secure the shipment of your vehicle.

The auto transporter driver will give the customer sufficient notice to arrange pick up and delivery. Upon delivery, the remainder of the auto shipping bill is paid COD to the driver unless prior arrangements have been made. Tracking your vehicle during shipment is as simple as a phone call. Nationwide’s car transport services provide you with the ability to pinpoint the location of your automobile during transport at any time.

What if the designated location cannot be accessed?

At Nationwide, our car transport services include door-to-door pick up and delivery. However, if for some reason the auto transporter cannot access a vehicle pick up or delivery location, a convenient, alternate location is arranged near a major road in your community. Local city codes and regulations, low utility lines, narrow roads or other undesirable road conditions are all reasons that auto transporters may not be able to access a specific car transport location. These cases occur very infrequently.

How long does Car Transport take?

Please realize that a guaranteed car transport delivery date is impossible to quote due to factors such as weather, road conditions, routes taken by the auto transporters and other unforeseen circumstances. All of these situations can affect and change auto shipping delivery time. At Nationwide Auto Transport, one of our top priorities is to have your vehicle shipped and delivered to you as quickly as possible.

Typical auto shipping transit times

Coast to Coast 7-10 days
North to South 3-5 days
Midwest to either coast 4-6 days

Is my vehicle insured while in transit?

Yes. The Federal Highway Administration requires all auto transporters to maintain a valid insurance policy. The insurance is only provided by the company physically transporting your vehicle. Before every vehicle is dispatched, Nationwide Auto Transport verifies that every car moving through our office is insured while in transit. An inspection will be conducted by the driver when they pick up and deliver your vehicle. The auto transporter driver and the owner, or agent, of the vehicle must sign a bill of lading noting vehicle condition.

In the unlikely event damage occurs, it must be noted on the bill of lading upon delivery and signed by the driver and owner or agent. If the damage is not described on the bill of lading, no claims will be honored. Please realize you cannot deduct any moneys from the balance due at delivery to cover damage that may have occurred while in transit. You are responsible for paying the full COD amount to the driver upon delivery. Doing so does not invalidate any claim for damages that are noted on the bill of lading.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

We accept cashier’s checks, money orders, cash, personal checks (shipping subject to clearance), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express for a car transport deposit. Upon delivery, the remainder of the bill is paid only by COD to the driver unless prior arrangements have been made.

What if I have to cancel my auto shipping order?

If we do not move your vehicle, you do not pay! There is no cancellation fee if the car transport order is canceled prior to being assigned to a driver. If a deposit has been collected, then it will be refunded 100 percent. However, once the vehicle has been dispatched to a driver, the deposit is not refundable.

Can Personal Items be placed in my Vehicle?

Not recommended. We understand that if you are moving, you are busy trying to ensure the relocation of all of your personal belongings. However, the Department of Transportation does not recommend auto transporters to transport personal items in a vehicle. Personal items stored in the vehicle are not covered by the auto transporter’s insurance. Also, auto transporters have weight limitations, and packing personal items in your vehicle could cause a carrier to exceed their weight limits. A few small items packed in the trunk of your vehicle are acceptable.

Starting the Car Transport Process

At Nationwide Auto Transport, we want our customers to feel confident in their decision to use our car transport company and comfortable with the auto shipping process. In order to do this, our Auto Shipping Specialists are always willing to answer all of our customers’ questions. We also are continually trying to update and add information to our website that we feel would be beneficial to our customers.

If you have any other car transport questions or would like to talk with an Auto Shipping Specialist, please call us at 800-689-6498 or e-mail us. If you are ready to begin the car transport process, you can also complete an easy online auto shipping quote.