Transporting Exotic and Sports Cars

Exotic Car Transport

Whether you're planning on shipping your exotic, classic, or antique car you can count on Nationwide Auto Transport to fulfill your needs and budget. Nationwide is ideal for exotic car transport. Exotic cars need to be handled very carefully due to the high value of each vehicle. We are passionate about safely transporting your exotic car to any destination. We have experience in shipping all types of exotic cars including Lamborghini, Bentley, Lotus, Buggati, Rolls Royce, Saleen, Spyker and others. Nationwide Auto Transport offers open and enclosed carriers. But we recommend enclosed carriers for exotic cars because they are protected from weather like rain, snow, and heat. You have invested so much money in your exotic car so why not protect it?

Sports Car Shipping

Sports cars are generally rear-wheel drive, have two seats, two doors and are designed for acceleration and aesthetics. At Nationwide Auto Transport we have safely delivered Ferraris, Porsches, Lotuses and Lamborghinis, to name just a few. Many auto shipping companies’ ship sports cars from one state to another and Nationwide is no exception. Sports cars require special care while they are being transported and Nationwide gives you the options you need. Again, enclosed auto shipping is your best bet when it comes to transporting your sports car because it will be protected from the sun, heat, air, snow, rain, etc. You may have to spend a little more to use this service but when it comes to one of your most prized possessions, you will find the extra expense and care that Nationwide provides, well worth it!

Open Car TransportOpen Car Transport
Open vehicle shipping is the lowest price available in automobile transportation.
Enclosed Car TransportEnclosed Car Transport
Enclosed Car Transport
provides the ultimate protection
for your vehicle during shipping.
Express TransportExpress Car Transport
With Express Vehicle Shipping Services there is a 48 hour
pick up window.
Heavy EquipmentSpecialty Moves
Heavy Haul Transportation - Oversized vehicles or
equipment & boat transport.