Dealer to Customer Auto Transport Services

Nationwide Auto Transport specializes in vehicle shipping but not just for the general public to get their car transported from one location to another, but also in new car shipping. We also offer a car dealer shipping option from dealers to customers.

Let’s say that a customer comes in and has to have that one special car. She’s got to have it, but she’s moving soon. She doesn’t want to drive the new car to her new destination and risk an accident not to mention putting lots of miles on her new car. What should you offer her? How about Nationwide’s dealer to customer car shipping option? We can pick the vehicle up at your dealership and put it on one of our auto transport trucks then deliver it to her new location. The car gets there safely and has no extra mileage on it. We think this auto transport option for dealers is a great service to offer!

At Nationwide we want to make sure all your questions are answered. Please call one of our Car Transporter Specialists at 800-689-6498. We will be glad to help you. If you prefer, you may also complete our online Auto Shipping Quote form for a free, no obligation quote.

Open Car TransportOpen Car Transport
Open vehicle shipping is the lowest price available in automobile transportation.
Enclosed Car TransportEnclosed Car Transport
Enclosed Car Transport
provides the ultimate protection
for your vehicle during shipping.
Express TransportExpress Car Transport
With Express Vehicle Shipping Services there is a 48 hour
pick up window.
Heavy EquipmentSpecialty Moves
Heavy Haul Transportation - Oversized vehicles or
equipment & boat transport.