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Our car shipping quotes are based on your individual shipping needs, location, and vehicle type. Nationwide Auto Transport offers our customers four types of vehicle shipping services: Open Car Transport, Enclosed Auto Transport, Express Car Shipping and Specialty Moves.

If you are unsure about what type of auto transport or other vehicle shipping services you require, please complete the quote form below and one of our Car Shipping Specialists will respond the same business day. If you request an auto shipping quote after business hours, you will receive your free quote the next day.

Car Shipping Quote Process

Nationwide Auto Transport does not use an automated system to calculate the quote price. We determine the vehicle transportation cost by looking at specific factors for each individual customer's needs. We offer four types of car transport services: open, express, and enclosed auto transport and specialty moves for heavy hauling. Each of these services offer unique benefits, and are priced based on those benefits.

Open car transport is the cheapest and most popular of our services. Express car shipping is for the customer that is in a hurry and has very specific shipping dates. Enclosed auto transport is for the customer searching for premier transport services with the ultimate in protection during transportation. Our auto transport company ships many classic and exotic cars with our enclosed service. Specialty moving is for the customer looking to ship oversized equipment or vehicles. This service has a higher cost because of the larger width, height, length, and weight of the equipment or automobile.

Open Car TransportOpen Car Transport
Open vehicle shipping is the lowest price available in automobile transportation.
Enclosed Car TransportEnclosed Car Transport
Enclosed Car Transport
provides the ultimate protection
for your vehicle during shipping.
Express TransportExpress Car Transport
With Express Vehicle Shipping Services there is a 48 hour
pick up window.
Heavy EquipmentSpecialty Moves
Heavy Haul Transportation - Oversized vehicles or
equipment & boat transport.

Pick-up and delivery locations are another determining factor of the car transport quote price. Regardless of location, our services are nationwide and door-to-door as long as the location is accessible by our car transporters. However, the quote price is impacted by the area. More remote, less traveled areas will have a higher transportation cost because it is harder to fully load our car transporters on remote routes. This means that our drivers are traveling further distances with fewer vehicles or empty to pick-up or deliver one vehicle. This causes the price to be higher for this situation.

Choosing an auto transport company can be a difficult decision. Our car shipping quotes are free and all inclusive. We do not require the customer to sign a contract. We do not collect any upfront deposits. If we do not ship your vehicle, you do not pay. Our auto transport quote is good for 30 days. The customer can request a quote online or by phone. Once you have a quote and you choose our auto transport company to ship your vehicle, we will begin to make arrangements to have a driver pick up and deliver you vehicle on the specified dates. One of our Car Transport Specialists will contact you to finalize shipping arrangements. When a driver is ready to pick up your vehicle, we collect the deposit. No money is collected until one of our car transporters is on their way to load your automobile.

Vehicle Shipping Specials for Dealers & Moving Companies

At Nationwide, not only do we work with the general public, we also work with automobile dealers and moving companies across the nation. We provide vehicle shipping services between dealerships and car transport services between dealerships and customers. We also offer discounted vehicle shipping rates for moving companies.

If you have questions or would like to talk to a Car Transporter Specialist, please call us at 800-689-6498, during business hours. If you have a question after business hours, please complete the Car Shipping Quote form below and we will contact you on the next business day.

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