Safe Vehicle Transport

Nationwide Auto Transport

Shipping a car can be a daunting task. Simply choosing a reliable auto transport company can feel overwhelming. At Nationwide, we want our customers to be confident in their decision to use our auto shipping services. We want our clients to choose our vehicle transport company because they know we are honest and are always working to make vehicle moving as automatic and simple as possible.

Planning Vehicle Transport

Three important things to keep in mind while transporting your vehicle.

Don’t simply send your car off to be shipped by the first auto shipper that you find in the Yellow Pages. This can lead to problems if the auto shipper and the client fail to see eye to eye about the delivery dates, types of services, delivery locations, transit time, payment method, or any other aspect of the vehicle moving process. Finding a company that will help you be prepared for the auto shipping process will make shipping your car much safer and easier. If you’re planning on shipping your car with an auto transport company, you should know the following:

1. Security – This is key. One of the primary concerns about third-party auto transport is that things can be stolen from the vehicle. Items such as stereos or loosely bound items inside the vehicle are almost always what are taken. This is one of the reasons why packing possessions in your vehicle during the vehicle moving process is discouraged by auto shipping companies. Make sure to remove anything of value. Your property will not be covered by the auto shipper’s insurance policy.

2. The vehicle needs to be properly prepared – Make sure that the vehicle transport company does its due diligence when it is shipping your car. Ask them how they prepare a vehicle for transport, what processes are involved and how they make sure that everything runs smoothly. Make sure that you or the designated person present at the pick-up and delivery understand the Bill of Lading. A reputable auto transport company will be more than happy to answer your questions and will definitely have a proper method in place to ensure that things run smoothly. They will also provide you with a free, no obligation vehicle moving quote. At Nationwide Auto Transport our Vehicle Moving Specialists are available at (800)689-6498 to answer all questions.

3. Find out the delivery methods – Vehicle transport companies have a selection of ways to ship your car. We offer four convenient auto shipping services to ship your vehicle:

1) Open Vehicle Transport
2) Enclosed Auto Transport
3) Express Auto Shipping
4) Specialty Transport

Make sure that you ask about the benefits of each option to see what will best suit your vehicle transport needs. All of our clients have their own unique needs and priorities when searching for auto shipping services. Choose an auto transport company that helps you select the auto shipping service that meets your needs and expectations within your budget.