Auto Shipping Advice

9 Car Transport Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Ask the auto shipping company how much fuel should be in your gas tank. Nationwide Auto Transport recommends that you drain your fuel level to less than half a tank.

2. Make sure that your alarm system is disabled, disconnected, or turned off.

3. Remove all personal items from your vehicle. Most car transport companies will not accept a vehicle for delivery if it contains personal items. Personal items left in your vehicle are not covered by the auto transporter’s insurance and leave open the possibility of theft.

4. Most car transport companies do not promise a delivery date because of the potential for road hazards or inclement weather along the way. Some auto shipping companies offer a guarantee that covers a rental car, but you should find out the cost of the guarantee and the maximum dollars per day that is offered.

5. Once pick-up is made, your auto shipping company should be able to provide you with a fairly precise delivery date. At Nationwide Auto Transport we try to stay within these car transport transit times:

Coast to Coast 7-10 days
North to South 3-5 days
Midwest to either coast 4-6 days

6. Make sure you receive an inspection report, bill of lading, from the auto transporter, which shows pick-up and delivery information, current mileage of the vehicle, and MOST IMPORTANTLY shows the condition of your car at time of pick-up. Nationwide Auto Transport provides a bill of lading that will show the condition of the vehicle when it is picked up. This document must be signed by the driver of the auto transporter and the owner (or an authorized agent of the owner) of the vehicle before the vehicle starts its car transport journey.

7. Upon delivery of your vehicle, be sure to inspect your vehicle SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY and compare the condition and mileage against the bill of lading that you received at the originating location from the auto transporter. Be sure to also inspect the roof and front and rear bumpers.

8. The odometer readings should be noted at pickup and delivery of the vehicle. The auto transporter driver should record this information on the bill of lading.

9. Most auto shipping companies require that the balance be paid at time of delivery. At Nationwide Auto Transport we accept cashier’s checks, money orders, cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express for a car transport deposit. Upon delivery, the remainder of the bill is paid only by COD to the auto transporter driver unless prior arrangements have been made.

At Nationwide, we understand that the auto shipping process can be overwhelming for people. We try to make auto shipping as easy as possible for our clients. To start your journey with a reputable car transport company, simply complete our short online auto shipping quote or contact one of our Auto Transporter Specialists at 800-689-6498.