Automobile Transport Tips

At Nationwide Auto Transport, we want to make sure that your automobile transport experience leaves nothing to be desired. That is why we have a FAQ page addressing the most common Car Shipping Questions and have compiled a list of Auto Transport Articles about vehicle transport. We also have added a car shipping blog to our site that is updated on a weekly basis. In addition to these great resources, we are continuing to add more automobile transport information that we feel is useful and informative. We hope that these resources will help you in choosing Nationwide Auto Transport for your car shipping needs.

Below are some valuable tips that will help you become more educated on the automobile transport process. You can also find additional tips on our 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Car Shipping Company, Vehicle Shipping Planning Guide and Car Transport Services pages. Keep the following automobile transportation information in mind so you can be prepared when the car transporter arrives to load and unload your vehicle.

Choose A Car Shipping Company You Can Trust.

When choosing an auto transport company, be sure to ask if they are licensed by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration. Nationwide Auto Transport is licensed by the FMCA; our MC number is 616917.

Allow Enough Time For Vehicle Transport.

Two weeks advance notice is helpful but not necessary. We do provide immediate and/or rush automobile transport services.

How Long Are Car Shipping Quotes Good For?

Shipping quote durations will vary from company to company. Some automobile transport companies will even tell you that the price is only good for one day to rush your decision. At Nationwide Auto Transport, our Auto Shipping Quotes are good for 30 days and there are NO cancellation fees.

What Car Transport Service Works Best For You?

We offer four types of automobile transport services. Our car transporters have both open and enclosed trailers.

Open Car TransportOpen Car Transport
Open vehicle shipping is the lowest price available in automobile transportation.
Enclosed Car TransportEnclosed Car Transport
Enclosed Car Transport
provides the ultimate protection
for your vehicle during shipping.
Express TransportExpress Car Transport
With Express Vehicle Shipping Services there is a 48 hour
pick up window.
Heavy EquipmentSpecialty Moves
Heavy Haul Transportation - Oversized vehicles or
equipment & boat transport.

Will Your Automobile Be Placed In Storage?

No. At Nationwide Auto Transport, we do not place vehicles in storage while in transit. Some car shipping companies use terminals. This means that your vehicle will be picked up, and then taken to a storage facility or lot. A different truck and driver will then pick up the vehicle and take it to a different terminal or its destination. If an auto transport company uses terminals on a coast to coast haul, that vehicle could encounter up to four or five different terminals and drivers. Each terminal drop requires a switching of trucks and drivers. This increases the time of transit and the chances of damage and/or theft.

Nationwide Auto Transport provides door-to-door service, and as soon as your vehicle is picked up by one of our auto carriers, it is on its way to its destination. We do NOT use terminals.

However, there may be certain circumstances in which your vehicle might be placed in a storage facility:

  • delivery contact cannot be made for an extended period of time
  • no one will be at the destination and customer requests the
    vehicle be dropped at a storage facility of his or her choosing
  • customer is unable or unwilling to pay driver upon delivery

Be Sure To Review Your Bill Of Lading

A Bill of Lading is a document that states the condition of your vehicle upon pick up and delivery and the odometer reading. This document also states that the automobile transport cost has to be paid upon delivery and the estimated pick up and delivery dates. The Bill of Lading will have to be signed at pick up and delivery, so it is very important that the owner or a responsible designated person is present at the pick up and delivery of the automobile.

Secure Loose Or Attached Items, In & On The Vehicle

Be sure to remove ALL personal belongings and make sure you turn off your alarm.

If you have questions and would like to talk to one of our Car Transporter Specialists, call us at (800)689-6498. You can also request a free, online Car Shipping Quote.