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Sports, Music and Hollywood Stars Define Special Niche of Corporate Car Shipping,
Reports Nationwide Auto Transport

“Cross over” takes place and a new niche is created as corporate auto shipping expectations collide with the personal nature of each Star’s business and special vehicle shipping needs

WEST PLAINS, MO, September 30, 2010 . . . Some stars cross over from music to film or from basketball to baseball but the biggest trend may be creating a large crossover market niche in high end American auto transport from corporate to personal auto shipment, according to Nationwide Auto Transport, one of America’s leading vehicle boat and heavy equipment shipping companies and a nationwide car transporter.

“Sports stars lives are seasonal and they tend to move back and forth more than other celebrities,” explained Nationwide’s Adam Talburt. “It’s true that rock stars, film stars and TV personalities all seem to fit into this same vehicle transport, car carrier and motorcycle shipping market niche but their relocation plans tend to be less frequent and less predictable year to year.”

Niche paced by the big leagues
The company said that the busiest seasons for this niche are paced by the regular seasons of football, basketball, baseball, hockey and soccer where a percentage of all players and coaches return to a different community for the off season followed by others as the post-season progresses and ends.

According to Talburt, Stars of all types, often using auto shippers for the most expensive and exotic cars and other vehicles, pay the same rates for auto transport service as higher volume shippers such as America’s largest businesses who also use Nationwide Auto Transport; but, the practical details of service to these Stars, particularly moving cars, can be quite different.

What makes Star-customer vehicle transport different?
“Like corporate executives, these stars who must ship a car or several are busy people who must delegate routine tasks such as shipping vehicles which is what makes them more like corporate clients than working directly with vehicle owners.

“However, unlike corporations, these ‘delegates’ are as often a maid or a gardener as they are an agent or manager on the receiving end,” Talburt said. “As a result, we take special care as car transporters to make sure -- at Nationwide Auto Transport -- that we understand and take responsibility for the details starting at the time of the first car shipping quote so that we can assure seamless pickup and auto relocation. That’s our role as a car transport company that starts with every auto transport quote.”

About Nationwide Auto Transport

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