Nationwide Auto Transport Press Releases

Reliable finalizes their new name: Nationwide Auto Transport

Reliable has finalized the new company name of Nationwide Auto Transport, which is more descriptive of the car shipping company’s service area.

West Plains, MO, September 3rd, 2010
Reliable Auto Transport decided to initiate a company name change and logo redesign in order to emphasize the large area, lower 48 states, that the car transport company services. The company’s new name, Nationwide Auto Transport, is finalized and their car shipping website has been updated. Nothing else has changed. The ownership, operation process, and services are the same. Nationwide is a company that is concerned about the customers’ needs and financial situations.

Nationwide continues to be the same auto shipping company that is customer driven. “We will continue to provide professional and reliable auto transport services for all of our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve our vehicle transport services and make the car shipping process as easy as possible. Our customers are our number one priority,” said founder, Matt King. Nationwide offers car transport services that require no upfront deposits and no cancellation fees.

People searching for an honest vehicle transport company are bombarded with multiple companies advertising various car shipping services. Many of these car transport companies use automated systems that are unable to consider a client’s unique situation and requests. Nationwide has Car Transporter Specialists that calculate the quote price and respond to client’s needs at no cost unless Nationwide ships the customer’s vehicle. “We pride ourselves on operating an honest company. We want our customers to know that our vehicle shipping services have not changed. We will continue to offer Open, Express, Specialty, and Enclosed Car Transport Services,” said founder, Adam Talburt. People can request a free car shipping quote online or contact on of Nationwide's Car Transporter Specialists at 800-689-6498.

Reliable has a new name, but the auto shipping services, ownership, and values have not changed. Nationwide is a vehicle shipping company that operates a customer oriented business. The company has continued to update and build their car shipping website to provide more useful information for the customer that is searching for the highest quality car transport service. Nationwide encourages people to research car transport companies by reading the information on companies’ websites, carefully reading documents before signing, and speaking with representatives before making a decision. Nationwide Auto Transport continues to be a company that makes decisions for the benefit of the customer.