Nationwide Auto Transport Press Releases


To keep car transport costs down, company says “vehicle shipping must be on autopilot”

WEST PLAINS, MO, October 18, 2010 . . . When a newly purchased or newly repaired car, truck or SUV leaves the dealership or national retail repair chain, a tiny percentage of vehicles travel some distance and then, surprisingly, still experience trouble. The result is growth in this sector of Nationwide Auto Transport’s car transporter business involving auto shipping to centralized corporate remedial locations, the company reported today.

“This is a sensitive car shipping business involving both customer relations and cost. The increase in our business of moving cars and other vehicle moving in this sector absolutely does not imply that this growth is happening among all car carriers and that new or repaired cars are becoming less reliable, quite the contrary” explained Nationwide’s Adam Talburt.  “I can only report that our company’s own business from large automobile and national retail organizations is increasing, which I firmly believe is all about selecting us to conduct their auto transport for reasons of good service and fair prices rather than an overall increase in the incidence of this type of business in the auto transport market overall.”

Keeping goodwill at low cost

“We work closely with the special departments that retail service organizations have created to assure keeping customer goodwill while holding costs to a minimum with auto transport companies, Talburt said.  “Often, the auto shipping departments of these very large corporations are invisible to the outside world unless a customer has a problem that requires moving a car.  In fact, most of these special departments working with auto transport companies don’t even carry the name of the parent company. Of course, we never publicly disclose our work for these organizations or who they are.” 

He said, “We simply provide some of America’s largest corporations an efficient car shipping company that is reliable, low-cost and operates on autopilot to their carefully defined specifications to prevent causing hidden costs on their end or ours so that the problem can be solved economically and the customer is satisfied.”

Business “wasn’t automatic” at first

Nationwide Auto Transport reports that growth in this area built gradually to ship cars and ship vehicles of other kinds for some of America’s largest organizations.

“Building this corporate automobile transport servicewasn’t automatic,” Talburt said.  “These are tough business people who know what they need and can go to car transport companies anywhere for car shipping quotes.  The real test was delivering car relocation and car shipping service at a price point that was comfortable for them.  This took some experience together over the last few years in automobile moving services; but, building this comfort level is probably the biggest reason for our growth in this area today.”

Nationwide Auto Transport is privately held with corporate headquarters in West Plains, Missouri, and can be found at or by phone at 800-689-6498.