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“Families moving more than 2,000 miles can save hundreds of dollars
by using auto transport, but they don’t,” leading auto shipper reports

WEST PLAINS, MO, October 27, 2010 . . . The wave of families moving from America’s hardest hit economic regions to healthier areas or back to supportive families in other states to start over again has “changed the demographics of personal auto shipping over the past three years due to personal decisions based on an unfortunate false economy in vehicle shipping,” according to Nationwide Auto Transport, a leading U.S. provider of car transport.

Nationwide’s Adam Talburt reports, “In the past three years, while our car carrier business overall has increased, one sector – auto shipping work for personally owned vehicles of families needing to ship cars for economic reasons -- appears to have significantly declined. While the statistics of car carriers, motorcycle shipping and boat transport are hard to find, we suspect this decline in the use of auto transport companies and other services such as motorcycle transport by economically impacted families is due to the false economy represented by a mistaken belief that it is less expensive to, say, drive the family car from Detroit to San Jose than it is to ship a car with an auto shipper.  While we cannot speak for transporting a car with other auto transport companies, our own experience indicates that this popular economic bias against shipping with car transport companies is simply not supported by the facts.

“The savings to ship a vehicle with a reputable, national auto transport service should be in the hundreds of dollars,” Talburt said.  “It is a simple matter to get auto shipping quotes to transport a car anywhere in America, then compare the quote to the hidden expenses of car relocation by driving versus use of a car transport company.  The actual math to transport a car is very straightforward once you have the auto shipping quote.”

Where’s the savings?

Talburt said, “The good news in vehicle shipping is that working with car carriers is usually less expensive than driving yourself for longer hauls.  The bad news is that people in economic trouble tend to make a simple “gasoline versus auto shipper cost” comparison and then come up with a false economy in car transportation.”

“Actually, many families save not just days of productive time, but also hundreds of dollars by using car transport.  Plus, they eliminate important out-of-town repair risks by using auto shippers,” Talburt said.

“In fact, people driving more than 2000 miles can save 3 or 4 productive work days, at least 3 nights of hotel cost, highway restaurant costs and the risk of being saddled with high repair costs in unfamiliar territory, even before considering the price of gas,” Talburt said.  “Since most families have more than one car, it is not just a trip, but ends up being a caravan that, versus automobile transport, increases the risk of problems and splits the family into two or more vehicles.”

Throwing the dice

“Beyond the day-to-day auto shipping variables, a certain percentage of family-driven cars will experience mechanical problems, forcing them to deal with an unknown mechanic, possibly be delayed a day or more and then be required to pay whatever repair cost is demanded,” Talburt said. 

“Even if using auto transport companies was not less expensive in the first place for longer hauls -- and ours is clearly less expensive – an auto transport company is also cheap insurance against the common out-of-town-and-broken-down nightmare. Just get the auto shipping quote and do the math.”

About Nationwide Auto Transport

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