Russo & Steele Auctions - For the Car Collector Lifestyle

"For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts" is the phrase that sums up the Russo & Steele approach to classic car auctions. Founder Drew Alcazar wanted his auctions to give buyers and sellers the opportunity to experience the cars on a personal level. That's why they innovated with their Auction in the Round concept, where buyers are right on the floor with the cars. And their technique has led to some amazing sales.

Record-breaking Sales

Some of Russo & Steele Auctions record-breaking sales include:

  • At Scottsdale 2011 - a 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible sold for $1,705,000
  • At Scottsdale 2012 - a 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra CSX3127 Street 427 Prototype sold for $1,100,000
  • At Monterey 2012 - a 1965 Ferrari 400 Coupe Superamerica sold for $1,100,000

Nationwide's Nominee for Most Notable Recent Sale

1960 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Series II Cabriolet

  • At Scottsdale 2010 - a 1960 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Series II Cabriolet sold for $797,500. A fairly rare model - only 212 were produced.

The Events

Russo and Steele specialize in creating an intimate, interactive environment with buyers and sellers. They offer events focused on select automobiles: American Muscle, European Sports, Hot Rods and Customs. They hold two major auctions each year: A Scottsdale, AZ auction in January and a Monterrey, CA auction in August.

The Company

Founded in 2001 by Drew and Justine Alcazar, Russo and Steele quickly positioned itself at the "For Enthusiasts - By Enthusiasts" auction house. The founders and their staff actively participate in Concours d'Elegance shows, road rallies, auctions, vintage racing and other collector car events to keep them at the center of collector car world. Russo & Steele is based in Phoenix, AZ.

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