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Auto transport, motorcycle shipping and boat transport Concierge Service helps people relocate their second most expensive possession; often their first vehicle transport.

WEST PLAINS, MO, September 22, 2010 . . . “Concierge Service,” common for many who find themselves in different kinds of unfamiliar, but luxurious places, has made it to the truck stop via auto shipping, according to an announcement made today by one of America’s leading vehicle transport companies, Nationwide Auto Transport.
Nationwide’s auto shipping Concierge Service actually reduces the overall cost of vehicle shipping, particularly moving cars and auto relocation, by making sure everything is done correctly the first time, in part “by keeping the car owner informed every step of moving cars, boat transport or other vehicle moving,” according to this leading American car transporter.

“Many individuals who need vehicle transport, particularly when they must ship a car to someplace across the country in enclosed carriers or open car transport services, are doing it for the first time,” Nationwide’s Adam Talburt explained.  “Shipping your car, or even motorcycle shipping for the first time, is not unlike going into a hotel in a strange city where you expect them to help you with just about everything.  To do this, the really good hotels have a concierge.  We provide that same “Concierge Service” to individuals shipping their second most expensive possession -- their car -- often for the very first time.”

Individual auto transport differs from corporations
Talburt was quick to say that its many corporate auto shipping clients, boat shippers and insurance company customers, some among the largest in America, also demand “and get great service,” but “they need vehicle moving constantly and want us to handle, for example, shipping a car, without bothering them . . . and we do, including not only being a car transporter but also the shipment of heavy equipment.  However, individual car owners are different. Vehicle transport is personal.”

“Unlike corporations who ship a car or many cars constantly, individual car owners ship vehicles, maybe, once in their lives and, when it happens, moving a car is often unexpected and unfamiliar . . . maybe even a little scary,” Talburt said.  “For our individual customers, they get a Concierge, one expert human being they can talk to, who has been through car transport a thousand times and knows vehicle transport is new to most people and that working with the right car shipping company can save time and money by keeping that owner informed from car shipping quote throughout the automobile transport process.”

How Concierge Service works
Individuals who contact Nationwide Auto Transport for car shipping, motorcycle shipping or boat transport are automatically assigned a Concierge who takes direct responsibility for both the car and the company’s relationship with the owner.  “Their Concierge will be with them from their first contact until the car is delivered,” Talburt said.  “Anyone who contacts us should know immediately that they are receiving a special service because we do something that is often rare in service businesses:  The Concierge listens carefully and answers every question from choice of auto transport company to the options in shipping a car.  Sometimes this can take some time, but it pays off in the end with better service and higher client confidence in this new experience of auto transport. Suddenly, car shipping – or motorcycle shipping -- becomes far less worrisome.”

The other principal component of Concierge Service is the development of a pick-up and delivery process that provides progress information through the vehicle shipping process. “The key to the process is the Concierge letting the client know what is happening from that first auto transport quote to the final car relocation,” Talburt said.

About Nationwide Auto Transport

Nationwide Auto Transport is privately held with corporate headquarters in West Plains, Missouri, and can be found at or by phone at 800-689-6498.