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Why a Cheap Car Shipping Quote Could Cost You Money

Car Shipping tends to be one of those services where cost is the first consideration.

However, as anyone who’s actually hired an auto transport company knows, “Where can I find the cheapest quote for moving my car,” may be one of the most costly questions you ever ask. There are five other vehicle moving questions just as important to ask when selecting car shipping company.

Will This Auto Transport Company Be Careful with My Car?
When you’re shipping a vehicle, you’re not just moving a car, you’re transporting one of your most valuable possessions.  The value of your car, whether the family van or a classic convertible, will decline if damaged, so make sure any car shipping company you consider has practices in place to protect your auto.  Ask if you can watch your car being loaded onto the auto transporter (also see if they offer the option of an enclosed auto transporter).  In addition, check to see if the auto transport company provides door-to-door pick-up and delivery, so your car isn’t sitting in some parking lot at an auto shipping terminal, where it may be at risk of break-in or theft, which will obviously also cost you money.

Will This Vehicle Mover Respect Me and My Time?
The old saying is true: Time is money. When you’re hiring a vehicle moving service, make sure that the emphasis is on service, to minimize hassle and the amount of time that moving your car requires of you. Are their office personnel helpful and friendly? Do you have to drop off a car, or will they come pick it up? Do they readily answer questions?  Are their drivers courteous?

How Long Will It Take Them to Ship A Car?
The longer you have to be without your car, the more you may have to spend.  If an auto transporter doesn’t deliver when promised, you may have to pay to rent a car while you wait.  Check to make sure that any car shipping company you consider has a proven reputation for on-time delivery.

Is This A Highly Rated Vehicle Moving Service?
It’s good to ask a lot of questions, but don’t just rely on the answers you get from the auto shipper’s website. Check with consumer rating agencies, like the Better Business Bureau, for independent, third-party ratings. You can also check any licensed commercial carrier’s safety record by checking with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration.

Does This Auto Transport Company Get Repeat Business?
The ultimate authorities on any vehicle moving service are its customers. Seek out customers’ quotes and references. Do you hear about helpful office staff, polite drivers, auto transport equipment that was in good shape, and on-time car delivery?  Perhaps most important of all, do customers keep coming back?  Did they have a good enough experience shipping their car the first time that they turned into repeat customers?

As a simple search for “nationwide auto transport” will show, you have hundreds of choices when it comes to moving your car.  Most company websites will give you a free car shipping quote, which can be a good place to start – but don’t stop there.  Before you hire any auto transport company, speak to them personally, ask for references from customers, and check their ratings with independent consumer agencies. After all, getting the best deal on auto shipping is about more than getting a great rate; it’s a combination of good rates, great service and reliable, on-time delivery.

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