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Car shipping indicates auto industry’s specialty manufacturers are taking more “pimped rides”
to S.E.M.A this year, according to leading car transport company

LAS VEGAS, NV, November 1, 2010 . . . It’s not a consumer auto show and the public is not even invited, but the first showing of some of America’s hottest cars, as well as environmentally greenest trucks, SUV’s and specialty vehicles are in the midst of or just completed auto shipping for the 2010 Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association Show in Las Vegas, that is, if the level of moving cars to the S.E.M.A. Show by a leading car transport company and car transporter Nationwide Auto Transport is true throughout the car shipping industry.

Car transport company Nationwide Auto Transport reported today that “the largest specialty manufacturers have always shown off their prize special parts and systems by using them to trick out entire vehicles; but, this year, we’re seeing more companies pull out all the stops.  We can’t disclose the specifics of what we’ve seen in auto shipping, but, when you ship a car, you automatically get the first peek and we’re repeatedly provided car transport to Las Vegas for some of the most exotic vehicles we’ve ever seen. This includes motorcycle transport and specialty vehicles.” 

Nationwide’s Adam Talburt said, “If our experience is any example for other auto shippers and car transporters, it’s going to be quite a show.  Car transport to Las Vegas this year has been exciting for us and, I imagine, for other car shipping companies and any organization involved in car transportation. During the past few months, if we get a car shipping quote request for a one-of-a-kind vehicle, it’s almost always going to S.E.M.A.”

What’s different than auto shows?

Talburt said, “The big O.E.M.’s are always very important to businesses like ours, but they aren’t the heart of S.E.MA.  From the point of view of an car transporter, auto shipping for entire cars by parts, systems, tuners and other specialized vehicles appears to be S.E.MA.’s stock and trade this year, at least for those shipping a car to Las Vegas or moving a car to the Show. The cars we are taking to S.E.M.A this year are the most diverse that our auto transport company – and, I suspect, other car shipping companies -- have every seen and few of these vehicles show more than a family resemblance to their stock cousins.  As a hypothetical example, an exhaust manufacture may trick out an entire car from the frame out in ways that showcase their specialty, including ways to see under the car without bending over.  In the last two weeks, we’ve had a peek at amazing cars from the widest variety of specialty manufacturers we have every seen.”

Why do they do it?

“We see a lot of pride when we and other auto transport services ship cars, but our customers tell us the big reason to ship cars to the S.E.M.A Show is the opportunity for attention among other specialty manufacturers, contract and fleet buyers, the U.S. Government, O.E.M.’s and others; so, the competition looks fierce to me,”  Talburt said.  “They’re not just selling systems and parts piecemeal.  Every one has a story and many of these stories are told as part of unique cars that would make even the biggest auto shows envious.  Just ask any car transporter with auto transport services to Las Vegas.  Also, for us, this is about the most fun a car transport company can have!”

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