We are now Nationwide, offering the best auto transport across the nation!

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We have gotten a great response from our regular customers about our new name and logo. Thank you so much for your support!

In this post, I’d like to explain our new name and logo to those of you who are looking at us for the first time.

Until just recently, we were Reliable Auto Transport. We were certainly reliable, so that name was 100% accurate! And it served us well for many years. Ten years, in fact.

A new message

We felt, however, that it was time to get a new message across: that we will ship your car anywhere in the 48 contiguous states! (By the way, Alaska and Hawaii, we love you, but we can’t ship to or from you. We’ll keep you posted, though.)

So, wanting to get out the message that we are your best choice for car shipping in these United States-all of them (except for the aforementioned Alaska and Hawaii, sorry!), we set out to create our new brand. We gave it a good think through, we talked to some of our customers, and we came up with a name and a logo that we think are pretty good.

And here is the reasoning behind the new name and the logo.

The name: Nationwide Auto Transport

We think we’re your best choice for auto shipping in the US! The name “Nationwide” emphasizes the fact that we are, in fact, nationwide.

The logo: shield with map of the US

The shield conveys strength. Mightiness. And protection! We protect your car with the shield of our expertise, our careful service, and our attention to detail.

The map of the US indicates that we can ship your car anywhere in the 48 contiguous states to anywhere else in the 48 contiguous states!

The same great service!

Those of you who have used us for years and years for your relocations and fleet transport will be happy to know that, while our name and logo are new, we are offering you the same great auto transport service at the same great prices!

Those of you who have just discovered us will be happy to know that you have found the best! Contact Nationwide Auto Transport today, and we will ship your car right!

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