Need to transport your car to or from the Land of Crazy Traffic, Los Angeles? Do it right with Nationwide!

Posted October 13th, 2010 by Chip Shipt and filed in Auto
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I am going to date myself a bit, but I have not been to LA since 1979. Our family went to Disneyland. Good times.

LA is a world-class city. It seems that everything is happening there. But such greatness comes with a price: traffic.

My good bud TJ goes out to California on a frequent basis. He loves Los Angeles, but he doesn’t love the vehicular interactions. In fact, he calls LA the Land of Insane Traffic. His advice on driving there:

Want to get somewhere in 15 minutes? Plan on driving an hour.

The thing about LA traffic is that not only can it get as slow as molasses but it can also get rather crunchy: as in cars crunching together.

Have you seen that show Destroyed in Seconds? It’s got some pretty cool stuff. Here’s a video of cars having a bad time of it on an LA freeway. I’d embed it for your convenience, but the Discovery Channel has disabled embedding for this video. So here is the link.

How about that? That would be “bad times” if it was your beloved automobile, wouldn’t it? Yes, indeedy. That’s why, if you require auto transport to or from Los Angeles, Nationwide Auto Transport is your best choice. In fact, if you require auto transport to or from any city in California, Nationwide is your best choice!

Why is that? Because Nationwide Auto Transport uses only professional drivers and the utmost care when shipping your car!

We will make sure your cherished car avoids “crunchy times.” And in the rare event that something untoward should happen, your car will have top-level insurance coverage. Want to know more? Just contact one of our Car Shipping Specialists!

Chip Shipt
The Nationwide Auto Transport Blog Team

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