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Auction Car PurchaseInterstate car purchases have become almost as common as going to a car dealer to buy a car. With the help of sites like eBay and Auto Trader, bidding for a car auction style or buying out right has made it easy for people to buy cars from anywhere. People state that their reasons for buying out of state are for the deals available to them, or the availability of inventory. However, sometimes for the first time buyer, they aren’t prepared to figure out how to get the car from the current location out of state, into their own garage.

There are a few options available to buyers of out of state cars. One option is to hop on the next plane (after gathering all the necessary paper work, plates, insurance etc needed before the car can be driven) and personally drive the car cross country. This options works well for those who are able to take the time off of work, for those with the extra money for hotels, food and gas, and/or those who are purchasing a car in working order that’s able to make the trip. Many times this is not the case though and the buyer needs to consider other options.

For those buyers who don’t have the luxury of extended vacation time and padded wallets then hiring an auto transport company would be the way to go. More than likely it’ll be more cost effective and time effective to have the car shipped. Working with a reliable auto transport company who will ensure the car is picked up at its current location and delivered to the desired location within the next few days will help give the buyer peace of mind.

When looking for an auto transport company, it’s important for the buyer to do their homework. There are different types of companies, ones who work directly with a carrier, like Nationwide Auto Transport, and ones who are a broker and their main goal is to fill trucks. To help avoid damage to the new vehicle, be sure to ask the auto transport company if the car will stay on the same truck for the whole trip, or it it’ll be changing carriers at any time. A little known fact is that often cars will be loaded and off loaded once or twice during their trip, spending hours or days in a storage lot until the next pick up, and this increases the opportunities for damage to occur. This will also increase the amount of time it takes for the car to reach its final destination; sometimes by weeks.

So the next time you’re browsing your favorite auction site, looking for the perfect fixer upper or even a good car for your new teenage driver, don’t be afraid to consider options from out of state. Retrieving the car from out of state may not be as difficult as once thought, but it does mean that you’ll have to do your research for an auto transport company, as well as registration guidelines you’ll need to follow.

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