Don’t let your car get crushed by a robotic dinosaur–ship it with Nationwide!

Posted July 31st, 2011 by Chip Shipt and filed in Transport Tips
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We rarely think of dinosaurs as being a threat to our cars nowadays, but this video proves otherwise. Apparently “Transaurus” is a “power monster” created to clear an island of mutants. Or something like that.

The victimized automobile in the video is described as a “junk car.” Hmm. It looks like a fairly viable vehicle to me. How can you be sure that Transaurus won’t consider your car a junk car at some point in the future?

I won’t say that your car will definitely be eaten by a gigantic robotic dinosaur if you don’t ship it with Nationwide. It’s highly unlikely. I will say, however, that your car will never be eaten by a gigantic robotic dinosaur IF you ship it with Nationwide!

After all, we pamper your car like nobody’s business because it’s our business: getting your car anywhere in the 48 contiguous states quickly and safely.

For more information, please contact one of our Dinosaur-Safe Car Shipping Experts.

Chip Shipt
The Nationwide Auto Transport Blog Team

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