Don’t get stuck in the desert–ship your automobile with Nationwide!

Posted June 16th, 2011 by Chip Shipt and filed in Transport Tips
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Does this series need a title? I think it might. I hesitate to give it an official title just yet. How about an unofficial title:

Annoying and Inconvenient Things You Can Avoid by Shipping Your Car with Nationwide

If you’re driving your car a good distance, anything can happen–even if your car seems to be maintained perfectly. And if it’s in need of maintenance, then all bets are off. If you’re in a situation in which shipping your car could be beneficial, then you’re usually busy. You don’t need any further annoyances and inconveniences. That’s the concept here.

So… On to the desert… Picture this:

The sun is beating down in the middle of Nevada. The sky is cloudless and serene. But it’s 103º (39.4 °C) in the shade–but there’s no shade. An armadillo cries out in fury.

Don't get stuck in the desert--ship your car with Nationwide!You’re inside your car, feeling cool and happy. What could go wrong? But suddenly the vehicle comes to a screeching halt! It could be anything–a flat tire, a broken timing belt, a fuel tank that’s fallen off and sitting on the side of the road many miles (tons of kilometers) behind you.

You let out a nervous chuckle. I’m sure it’s nothing, you think, as all of the warning lights flicker mercilessly on the dashboard.

Before you exit the vehicle to check out the damage, you reach, instinctively, for your cup holder. Wuh woh. You need a cola!

The heat outside hits you like a ton of hot bricks–and you gasp. The damage is atrocious. There’s no starting this puppy up again!

You reach for your cell phone. It’s half-eaten by metal-devouring desert bacteria. Just kidding–it’s fine. But do you have insurance providing roadside assistance? If you don’t, what a pain! If you do, it’s still a big pain. You’re stuck out in the blazing desert, my friend. That’s a pain.

The lesson to be drawn from this highly annoying and inconvenient event is simple: You should have shipped your car with Nationwide.

Please give our Desert Car Shipping Experts a call today to get your auto transported the right way!

Chip Shipt
The Nationwide Auto Transport Blog Team

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