Do you want to stay in a motel a bunch of nights and pay a ton of money for that? No! Ship your car with Nationwide instead!

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To save time and money, ship your car with Nationwide!

Don't waste money on pointless motel stays! Ship your car with Nationwide!In my last post, I talked about how much work time you would lose if you drove your car from New York to LA: a heck of a lot!

Now let’s consider the cost of lodging. First, people typically take five days to make that drive. That’s four nights away from the comforts of home (freshly baked pies, that ol’ familiar bed, your dog, cat, or other pet). It’s one thing if you’re visiting someplace nice like Naples (Florida or Italy), Sacramento (California), or Dayton (Ohio). But how fun is it to “vacation” at a string of motels off the highway?

Plus, it’s gonna cost ya. Let’s assume you don’t want to spend those four nights in Roach Gardens but want someplace somewhat decent. I just called the Motel 6 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, to see what a typical rate is. The Sunday-Thursday rate is $50.59 for single occupancy.

When you multiply that by four, do you know what you get? $202.36!

That’s not chump change, is it? Of course, there are a lot of places out there fancier than Motel 6! There are weekend rates! Higher rates for big events!

Whenever you look at a quote for shipping your car, keep in mind that you have to subtract the lodging cost from that.

To learn more about saving money by shipping your car, please talk to one of our Auto Transport Cost Savings Specialists.

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