Nationwide Auto Transport drivers: nice and on schedule!

Posted October 15th, 2010 by Chip Shipt and filed in Testimonials
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We are always happy when we get positive emails from our customers. And I am proud to say that we get a lot of them!

As you know, Nationwide uses the best professional drivers in the business to transport your car anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.

But did you know that our drivers are also “nice”? That is an added bonus to using Nationwide Auto Transport. They are also “on schedule,” as we will see in the following two emails. Of course, I would say being on schedule is part of being a true pro, as our drivers are, but being nice… Certainly a driver should be courteous. Perhaps being nice is just a form of courtesy. I’m not sure. In any case, it’s a good thing!

Here is the first email I’d like to share with you:

Thanks so much for taking care of my vehicle. The driver was very nice and delivered on schedule.


As I said above, “nice” and “schedule.” Two very good qualities in a driver.

Let’s take a look at our next email:

I just wanted to write and let you both know what a great experience I had using Nationwide Auto Transport. You both were always available for any questions I had and responded quickly. The driver delivered our vehicle last Friday and also was extremely nice and even apologized for not being able to deliver it on Thursday due to the bad weather in Dallas.

If anyone I know ever needs to transport a car, you can be sure I will recommend your company.


This letter has some very interesting things in it. First, note that Carol has some connection to Dallas, Texas–great city! I once went there for a convention. In fact, if you need to ship your car to or from Dallas, Nationwide is your best choice. And if you need to ship your car to anywhere in Texas, Nationwide is your best choice!

Notice again that Carol described the driver as “nice”! Also, he was “on schedule” in the sense that, although he could not deliver the vehicle on the appointed day because of terrible weather, he rolled with the punches and got it there the next day. And apologized!

I would say that’s a fair sample of what you can expect from our drivers. Want to meet one? Contact one of our Car Transport Specialists today!

Chip Shipt
The Nationwide Auto Transport Blog Team

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