Auto Transport – Who needs it?

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Car transport services can be useful to many different types of people for many different reasons. Most people never knew such a service even existed until they needed it. I mean, really, a car drives, why do I need to ship it? Some people who might need to ship a car would include:

  • Military – Military auto transport, base to base transfers
  • Job Relocation – Car Shipping for corporate relocations Open Transport
  • Dealers – Vehicle transport for car dealerships
  • Auctions – auto auction car transport
  • Leasing Companies – Vehicle return and delivery for Corporate Vehicle Leasing Companies
  • Snowbirds – Auto Transport for snowbirds
  • Relocation Services – Are you a relocation company that needs to outsource your auto transport services?
  • Online Auto Sales – Bought or Sold a vehicle on Ebay or AutoTrader? Need is shipped?

Most people do not want to become auto transport specialist. They simply want to find a vehicle transport company they can trust and let them take care of the rest. Nationwide Auto Transport specializes in this very thing. We try our very best to go the extra mile and take the stress out of the car transport process. Moving your vehicle for any reason is stressful by nature. We have years of experience handling every situation imaginable for a variety of clients. We are happy to provide anyone in need with auto transport quotes for their car move.

Chip Shipt
The Nationwide Auto Transport Blog Team

What Nationwide’s Concierge Service means to you

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Last week we put up a press release (Nationwide Auto Transport Introduces Concierge Service for Car Shipping} which I invite all of our blog readers to take a look at.

In this post I wanted to comment on this new service of ours and what it means to you as an individual who needs to ship one car, usually for the first time.

(If you are not such an individual and instead need to transport cars on a regular basis, then Nationwide is probably already your favorite car transporter, and we thank you for your business!)

Many of our customers use us on a regular basis, these include dealerships, corporations, auction houses, collectors, insurance companies. For such customers, we have the whole process down to a science. They give us our marching orders, and we go to work, shipping all of their cars with speed, care, and precision. Like clockwork.

Individual customers are different, however. In most cases, you’ve never shipped a car before. That’s probably your second most expensive possession, and of course you’re concerned. Will my car be safe? When will it be picked up? When will it be delivered? Such questions are only natural.

You may have heard about Nationwide Auto Transport from a friend. You may have found us via our website or this blog and gotten the correct impression that we’re the best. Yet still, since you’ve never done this before, you’d like extra assurance and customer service with the human touch.

And that’s exactly what our Concierge Service delivers. Here’s what happens:

  • You contact Nationwide. We assign a single concierge to you, one real human being that will stay in contact with you.
  • Your concierge listens to all of your concerns and answers all of your questions.
  • Your concierge keeps you informed every step of the car transport process.

Please note that your concierge is at your service even before you decide to use Nationwide! He or she will answer any and all questions about our car transport services and pricing and make certain that you are completely comfortable before making your decision.

The best car shipping service in these United States just got better! If you need to ship a car, motorcycle, boat, SUV, etc., please contact Nationwide Auto Transport today. Your personal concierge is waiting!

Chip Shipt
The Nationwide Auto Transport Blog Team

We are now Nationwide, offering the best auto transport across the nation!

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We have gotten a great response from our regular customers about our new name and logo. Thank you so much for your support!

In this post, I’d like to explain our new name and logo to those of you who are looking at us for the first time.

Until just recently, we were Reliable Auto Transport. We were certainly reliable, so that name was 100% accurate! And it served us well for many years. Ten years, in fact.

A new message

We felt, however, that it was time to get a new message across: that we will ship your car anywhere in the 48 contiguous states! (By the way, Alaska and Hawaii, we love you, but we can’t ship to or from you. We’ll keep you posted, though.)

So, wanting to get out the message that we are your best choice for car shipping in these United States-all of them (except for the aforementioned Alaska and Hawaii, sorry!), we set out to create our new brand. We gave it a good think through, we talked to some of our customers, and we came up with a name and a logo that we think are pretty good.

And here is the reasoning behind the new name and the logo.

The name: Nationwide Auto Transport

We think we’re your best choice for auto shipping in the US! The name “Nationwide” emphasizes the fact that we are, in fact, nationwide.

The logo: shield with map of the US

The shield conveys strength. Mightiness. And protection! We protect your car with the shield of our expertise, our careful service, and our attention to detail.

The map of the US indicates that we can ship your car anywhere in the 48 contiguous states to anywhere else in the 48 contiguous states!

The same great service!

Those of you who have used us for years and years for your relocations and fleet transport will be happy to know that, while our name and logo are new, we are offering you the same great auto transport service at the same great prices!

Those of you who have just discovered us will be happy to know that you have found the best! Contact Nationwide Auto Transport today, and we will ship your car right!